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4777 E Sunrise Dr 
Tucson, AZ 85718
©2011, Sundaze Yogurt, All Rights Reserved.
©2011, Sundaze Yogurt, All Rights Reserved.
About Sundaze Yogurt
Sundaze Yogurt is the creation of owners Wendy and Peter Gallen and is a product of their fondness for delicious frozen yogurt and their desire to serve the local community in which they live. It all started when Wendy was on her way home from work at Sunrise Drive Elementary School one evening and she stopped at her favorite yogurt shop. At the time, it was Carol’s Yogurt Shoppe, which served the best frozen yogurt in Tucson. While standing in line waiting to order, Wendy looked around and thought how wonderful it would be to own that little shop. When it was her turn to order, she told the woman behind the counter what she wanted and as she was paying, she also asked if the owner had ever considered selling the shop. The woman said she had not heard Carol mention anything like that but she would be happy to pass along Wendy’s contact information.

Three months later, Wendy and Peter were behind the counter and beginning to think of the new design for what was to be Sundaze. With Peter’s background in woodworking and cabinetry and Peter and Wendy’s background in food service, it was inevitable Sundaze was going to be a great success.

After just celebrating their 10 year anniversary in August of 2012, Wendy and Peter continue to provide a high quality product with great personal service putting themselves in their own category amidst a rising tide of self serve shops that seen to be opening and closing all over the city.

Wendy and Peter see their success continuing with the help of a great staff and the loyal customer base that they have developed.

Sundaze Owners, Peter and Wendy Gallen